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We've had a revamp!

Welcome to the new and improved SUPA website!  With the incoming SUPA committee, the new IT and Communications officer decided it was time to strip the site bare and start fresh.  Looks better, doesn't it?  We aim to keep the website updated very often with official information being posted here regularly, so be sure to come back here to stay up-to-date.

Welcome, Incoming SUPA Committee 2018-2019!


Say Hello to your new SUPA committee!

Scott Rickard - President

Rimmi Arora - Vice-President

Shumin Tan - Secretary

Jessica Shi - Treasurer

Sunny Manon - Sports Officer

Andrew Klass - Events Coordinator

Kathryn Soen - Community Awareness Officer

Joseph Bejjani - NAPSA Councillor

Liam McLachlan - Professional Development Officer

Jennifer Ly - Pharmacy Advocacy Officer

Jimmy Lam - Pharmacy Advocacy Officer

Scott Chery - IT and Communications Officer

Saahil Jotsingani - Merchandise Officer