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SUPA “Day of the dead” Pubcrawl Sem 1 2019

It is time for SUPA's first event of the year and it's going to be big! Come join us as we crawl our way through three Newtown Pubs and drink to the new semester!

Week 4 Wednesday 20 March 2019 from 17:30-23:30

Meet Associate Professor Rebekah Moles!

The University of Sydney School of Pharmacy has an incredible wealth of academics with such different expertise - pharmacists, chemists, engineers - the list goes on! We have so much to learn from them, but how much do we know about them? Have you ever wondered what academics do to wind down after a long day? What do they most enjoy about their work? SUPA's Pharmacy Advocacy Officer Jennifer Ly and IT and Communications Officer Scott Chery asked to find out!