What We Do

SUPA supports its members throughout their academic career through core programs such as:

  • Educational events to help provide pharmacy students with a more well rounded education.

  • The provision of text books and equipment essential for the completion of the academic course.

  • Sporting events, through interfaculty sports and charity matches.

  • Social events for students to network and meet fellow student pharmacists

  • Acting as the contact point between pharmacy, pharmaceutical and health organisations and bodies and the pharmacy students.


SUPA organises over 12 social events annually including pub crawls, barbeques, trivia nights, cruises, the annual ball and more:

  • We coordinate the Pharmacy teams in the interfaculty sporting competitions;

  • We are the contact point between pharmacy organisations, such as the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA), and students – free membership of these organisations is offered at our office;

  • We can provide you with advice and refer you to the right people for any issues or enquiries you might have as a pharmacy student;

  • All SUPA members are automatically members of NAPSA and therefore receive all NAPSA benefits too.

  • Similarly, we assist the Sydney Pharmacy School at student information days and open days at the University;

  • We sell reference books, textbooks, and dispensing equipment required for the course at substantially reduced prices;

  • We organise annual second-hand book sales, allowing students to easily buy and sell second-hand textbooks from other students;

  • We provide student input at the Sydney Pharmacy School’s Teaching and Learning Committee;

  • Our year representatives present student issues and represent students at staff-student liaison meetings;

  • We design and sell merchandise including hoodies;