SUPA Pub Crawl

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Pubcrawl Sem 1 2019.jpg
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SUPA Pub Crawl

from 10.00

It is time for SUPA's first event of the year and it's going to be big! Come join us as we crawl our way through three Newtown Pubs and drink to the new semester.

As always there will be pre drinks outside the Pharmacy Building and SUPA office which will include pizza and over 60L of some of the best fruit punch you have ever had (word is our famous historical punch will also be making an appearance), there will also be drinking games including the semesterly year vs year boat race so make sure you come down and help represent your year!

This semester the theme is Day of the Dead so it's time to break out the face paint and slap on a sombrero because the tequila will most certainly be flowing.
ps. Tequila is included in the cost!

5:30 @ outside the SUPA office for pizza and punch!
7:30pm @ Newtown Hotel
8:45pm @ Coopers Bar
10pm @ Marleys Hotel where we can dance the rest of the night away!

Tickets can be bought from the SUPA office Monday - Friday or from the SUPA website
$10 for SUPA members
$15 non-SUPA members
All tickets include ALOT of pizza and as much punch as you can drink along with drinks deals at each venue!

**USU supports the responsible service of alcohol and drinking**

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