SUPA Pub Crawl Sem 2

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SUPA Pub Crawl Sem 2

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Hey everyone!

As we jump back into Semester 2 at uni we also jump straight back into SUPA events starting with the Pub Crawl!

This semesters theme is going to be "6 Shades of Pharmacy", now if that sounds confusing basically the idea is that every year group picks a different colour to wear on the night and there will be year vs year games out the front of the SUPA office with an outrageously large amount of punch and pizza so make sure you're here on time. It's a great opportunity to connect with other year groups and make some new friends (maybe even friends with notes and past papers ;) ). 

We will be making a poll in each years Facebook page so you can all vote on what colour you want to be with the final colours decided a week before the night.

TIME: Wednesday 15th August
5pm - meet out the front of the SUPA office for punch, pizza and games 
7:30pm - Arrive at The Rose 
8:45pm - Arrive at The Two Wolves
10:00pm - Arrive at The Lansdowne where we have organised a dance floor with music to keep the party going. You don't want to miss it!

$8 for SUPA and ACCESS members
$10 for SUPA or ACCESS members 
$12 for everybody else (anybody welcome the more the merrier so bring some friends, there will be an assigned colour for outsiders)
$15 on the night so make sure to buy your tickets early!!
Please note, the website has a 50c surcharge to cover the costs of supplying this service, we hope that this will be the last event with this present!!

Get keen and we hope to see everyone there for an absolutely cracking night!

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