Ego Pharmaceuticals Skin Integrity Workshop


Ego Pharmaceuticals Skin Integrity Workshop


Hello again Pharmacy Students! We have organised yet another great resume-building, professional development workshop for you guys to participate in! Ego Pharmaceuticals, in association with SUPA, are proud to announce their upcoming Skin Integrity workshops!

The upcoming workshops, presented by Ego’s Technical Trainer will cover the science and functions of healthy skin and its treatment when skin is compromised with conditions such as Dry Skin and Eczema. The workshops will also discuss the impact of sun damage on the skin.

Workshops like these are invaluable in building your skill base before you have your degree and head into practice. Get involved in all opportunities and your future patients (and resume) will thank you for it!

When: Thursday 24th October 2019
Where: Faculty Seminar Room 403, Level 4, Law Building F10

There are TWO SESSIONS available:
MORNING 9-11am:
AFTERNOON 1pm - 3pm:

Spots are limited for each session so please sign up using the Google Form ASAP if you want to participate.
If you are unable to attend once you have signed up, please message the SUPA page to let us know - so we can reallocate your spot!

FREE for SUPA members
$15 for non-SUPA members (all proceeds going to the charity we are supporting this year, Batyr!) Batyr is a brilliant charity that aims to spread awareness and take down the stigma associated with mental health. To find out more about Batyr, click this link:

Please note that the surcharge is a transaction fee that is out of our control
Feel free to come in to the SUPA office and pay in cash without the transaction fees!

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