SUPA Committee 2016/17 - Where are they now?

Have a read of what our previous SUPA Committee have been up to since graduating!

Bryson Hawkins - President

  • Where are you now? I’m currently undertaking my internship as a clinical pharmacist at Royal North Shore Hospital.
  • How's your first year out of uni? It's busy, versatile and rewarding all in one big mix - it is rewarding to apply the knowledge of university in a patient centred environment. 
  • Most exciting thing since graduation? Korea sorting their shit out was pretty neat. 
  • Advice? Challenge yourself and others to be the best you can be - being strong independently and in teams is essential for making the most of your Pharmacy degree. But more importantly, drink at least 6 coffee and 6 beers a day. 

Matthew Perry - Vice President

  • Where are you now? Interning at Barone Pharmacy to the local community in the Chullora and Greenacre area. I am still the NAPSA Alumni Chair and have also taken positions on both the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Early Career Pharmacist and the National Alliance for Pharmacy Education Observer committees. 
  • How's your first year out of uni? I have been challenged and engaged in the roles I have taken. No two days are the same as the area I work in caters for many complex patients. My positions outside of my internship keep me quite busy as well! 
  • Most exciting thing since graduation? I had a paper accepted for a presentation spot at the upcoming Life Long Learning in Pharmacy Conference, which is to be held in July this year in Brisbane. 
  • Advice? Don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your future careers. Seize every opportunity that presents your way! 

Evie Armstrong-Gordan - Secretary

  • Where are you now? I have traded in the beaches of Wollongong for the beaches of northern Sydney (so pretty much the same lifestyle but with more traffic). I am currently an intern working across both Mona Vale and Manly Hospitals. 
  • How's your first year out of uni? I thought this year would simply be studying and revising what I've already learnt but I was completely wrong. I learn so many new things every day that it's almost impossible to keep up.. so the best part of the job is also the hardest.
  • Most exciting thing since graduation? I don't have to wake up at 5am to get to uni anymore! (Hint: live close to where you're interning). The most exciting thing has actually been my continued involvement with NAPSA as we work on a student-edition of pGRIT with the SHPA and develop a mentoring program with the Guild. 
  • Advice? Avoid Courtyard because you will lose valuable study time if you go there, write emails to every academic asking if a topic will be in the exam, pay attention in dispensing because these skills will decide whether you pass your registration exams in intern year, always bring at least 10 pens to an exam because could all run out at once and never ever forget to study for at least 4 hours each day. Jokes. Don't do that. Just attend SUPA events and you will pass. 

Adrian Siu - Treasurer

  • Where are you now? Studying Medicine at the University of Wollongong Shoalhaven campus and residing in the delightful regional town of Nowra, which is situated on the beautiful Shoalhaven River. 
  • How's your first year out of uni? Missing the intricacies of university life, the jovial banter among friends, and the close-knit relationships that uni has to offer. I decided that Medicine and the prospect of another 4 years of uni to be the best option for me.
  • Most exciting thing since graduation? Since the medicine campus is situated Nowra, we often get visited by furry friends. There's heaps of them!
  • Advice? "Laughter is the best medicine" - Nathan Chahoud. 

Kylie Tran - Professional Development Officer

  • Where are you now? Doing my internship at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital.
  • How's your first year out of uni? Working full time was definitely a big adjustment for me. However, I’m loving the work I’m doing at the moment.  My current rotation is on geriatrics and I look after stroke, acute geriatric medicine and geriatric psychiatry wards. It’s been very hectic but very rewarding!
  • Most exciting thing since graduation? I I finally left Chemistworks after 8 years of working for them. I suffer badly from separation anxiety so this was a big step for me to finally leave. Earlier this year I travelled to Japan to see my family after 15 years! I was also elected as the Intern Observer for SHPA and have been able to work with many awesome hospital pharmacists to advocate for our profession. 
  • Advice? Make the most of what you have left of uni - you will definitely miss it. Hang out with friends, study hard and seek every opportunity.

Mel Faerhmann - NAPSA Councillor

  • Where are you now? I am completing my internship at The Canberra Hospital and consequently am living in Australia’s capital. It’s a little chilly.
  • How's your first year out of uni? Great! I have learnt an incredible amount through full-time work and the Intern Training Program. I have learnt much more about drugs and pharmacy since finishing uni, as well as improved my soft skills and professional involvement.
  • Most exciting thing since graduation? The Winter Olympics were a real highlight! Who knew watching people glide on ice could be so thrilling.
  • Advice? Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way and don’t be afraid of new experiences. 

Van Nguyen - IT and Communications Officer

  • Where are you now? Studying medicine and working part-time in community pharmacy.
  • How's your first year out of uni? It's going well! It's not in pharmacy but it's great to learn diseases from a different angle. Also still continuing the student (poor) life but that ain't necessarily a bad thing! 
  • Most exciting thing since graduation? Observed an intubation on a patient who overdosed on amitriptyline whilst in ED. 
  • Advice? Have fun with 4th year, especially second semester - it's way too chill. 

Nathan Chahoud - Sports Officer

  • Where are you now? Interning at the Orange Health Service and living in the beautiful Metropolis of Orange, the heart of the Central West.
  • How's your first year out of uni? Fantastic, putting all the knowledge we gained to actual use is very rewarding. I would recommend going out of your comfort zone for your intern year, it's difficult for everyone so may as well make it a bit of an adventure!
  • Most exciting thing since graduation? I recently saw Mitchell Redston again for the first time in a long time. It felt great.
  • Advice? "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Michael Scott. 

Mitchell Redston - Merchandise Officer

  • Where are you now? Studying medicine at the University of Notre Dame in Darlinghurst, NSW. 
  • How's your first year out of uni? Despite choosing medicine over a career in pharmacy, I'm still able to employ this knowledge every day during my studies. You'd be pleased to know that I still work for Cincotta! 
  • Most exciting thing since graduation? I travelled to Brisbane for APSA-ASCEPT 2017 academic conference, got my Honours systematic review published, and will soon be travelling to the Phillippines with a real medical team in July. But none of these things top seeing Nathan Chahoud for the first time in a long time!
  • Advice? Take every opportunity that presents in life, otherwise you'll never know where it could take you.